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In today's episode, I'll be covering some alignment concerns after lowering my Datsun 280z Project Car Restoration. There are a lot handling characteristics that need to be adjusted after lowering the ride height using coilovers. I'll be adjusting the roll center, eliminating bump steer, and setting the ride height for the car.

Today, I'm installing the T56 Super Magnum 6 Speed Manual transmission to my LS3 crate engine. I work through the flywheel, clutch installation, get the transmission mated up, and fabricate a custom transmission mount to get it into my Datsun 280z.

Today, I'm using Apex Engineered's 240z tubular front crossmember to install the 500hp crate LS3 engine into my Datsun 280z project car build. I'm taking a break from all of the fiberglass bodywork to work on smoothing the engine bay and installing the engine.

In today's episode, we're test fitting, installing, and customizing the ztrix 280yz Front Fenders, cutting holes for the service doors, and installing the ztrix Fiberglass reinforced hood. We're getting the factory hinges to work, installing quik latches, and GT500 Shelby Super Snake Hood vents to create a unique look to the front end of my project car build.

Today, I'm continuing to make progress on the fiberglass widebody of my Datsun 280z project car build. Coming off of my last fiberglass experience, I'm hoping to do these parts justice and get everything installed nicely. I'm using quik latches again to help mount the fender along with the OEM fender mounting locations to help finish out this widebody installation.

I take a break from bodywork to start preparing my LS3 Engine for installation into my Datsun 280z project car. This isn't the first engine I had planned for, but in the end, this will be the perfect package for the project. In this episode, I get started on the first steps when LS swapping your car, choosing an accessory drive layout, and oil pan for the engine. I'm going to share my experiences through the entire swap and build as we continue getting this car ready for the street this summer.

Today, previous rust repair work creates problems on my Datsun 280z project car. I fabricate some mounts for Quik Latch connectors, install Shelby GT500 Super Snake hood vents, and make some expensive mistakes working with Fiberglass. The bodywork continues to be one of my biggest challenges of the build. How many hoods will my restoration project go through, and why did I sign up for all this bodywork?

Today, I'll be installing an R200 Differential from an R32 Nissan Skyline GTR into my Datsun 280z restoration project car build. I also install techno toy tuning coilovers, wilwood big brake kit, and custom, shortened Q45 axles to finish installation all of the suspension upgrades onto the car. I try to explain some of the differences in Nissan R200 differentials and some cautions about some of the misinformation online about them.

Today, I'll be molding and blending the widebody kit to my Restoration Project Datsun 280z, fabricating some fender liners, and waterproofing. I also install the rear hatch and drilled and mounted the Skillard spoiler so we get a good look at how the rear of the project car's going to look. Using Evercoat Tiger Hair / Fiberglass Infused Body Filler as well as Evercoat Rage Body Filler to help shape and blend the widebody kit to the shell of the car. Rivnuts being used to secure the spoiler to the car.

Today I'll be fitting the wide body kit on my Datsun 280z restoration project. I get the widebody sanded, fitted, and bonded to the body of the car. I also make patch panels to help restore all the panels shaping the rear.